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Have fun while competing and learning at the same time!

• Play solo WITHOUT signing in or play games with up to 4 players

• Same number of points earned no manner how quickly answered...giving you time to think about the question AND LEARN!

• If you answer wrong, you still get to see the right answer

• Your question only seen by you, not opponent

• Opponent only sees whether you answered right or wrong and which category

• Leaderboard with weekly and monthly contests

• Can play against others without logging into Facebook

• Does not take a lot of time to play

• Play multiple game sessions at one time

• Choose your own game categories

• Earn points for each question answered correctly

• Award Levels based on points

• Chat with your opponents

• Ability to designate favorite players and categories

• Can block specific players

• Easily decline or resign from a game if you do not want to play

• Game Board shows standings

• Player Statistics shows overall progress


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Enjoy answering questions from many different categories including Entertainment, Geography, Literature, Sports, and many more.
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